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  Different mapping-types of fisheyes, larger field-angle as usually.
Mouseclick: passage to a virtual World (VRML-plugin required)

VRML-browsers and -plug-ins to view virtual wolds in these site (I use the Cortona3D Viewer [plug-in] - runs in browser).
New browsers such as Chrome, Edge, FireFox no longer support VRML plugins. In IE and Safari, the plugin is still working.
Additionally, Java-Script should be activated (makes it possible to switch the focal length in the virtual worlds via context menu "Viewpoints").
Java does not work anymore
Many years ago I coded with "try and error" Java-applets and used an old applet by Hemut Dersch. The applets are without certificate. This was working for many years. Meanwhile, the security concerns in Java have become bigger. Since Java 7.51 you has to add to the Exeption Site List, to get applets to run after a security warning. See How can I configure the Exception Site List? on
New browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, FireFox no longer support Java. Java is still working in IE.
Java plug-in is required on some of these sites (for a 64-bit computer additionally install the 64-bit plug-in).
In a 64-bit operating system the 64-bit browser allows applets to run with more memory needs. If you use 32-bit and 64-bit browsers interchangeably, you will need to install both 32-bit and 64-bit Java in order to have the Java plug-in for both browsers.
Press button [Free Java Download] and follow the link "See all Java−downloads here."
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The fisheye in my life
Fish-Eye Views, and Vision unter Water, Phi. Mag. 6th s., vol. 12, Aug. 1906, p. 159
Around the fish-eye, account from magazine FOTOGRAFIE 3/1972
Development tendencies of the photographic lenses, account from magazine BILD UND TON 1/1986
Thus the fish sees, account from magazine COLOR FOTO 8/92
    Universal-fisheye wanted for photographers, readers comment at COLOR FOTO 2/93)
    Opinions, replys
    The Fisheye-Mapping, supplement to the response to the comments received regarding the article above
Always-nice straight, account from digifoto 1/2002
Definition fisheye
Definition panorama
Optimization for fisheye pictures, instructions
Image show with Irfan View, instructions

P i c t u r e s
Examples - pictures, transformation applet, slide show
Comparsion - videos from three Fisheyes
Earth rotation, animated fisheye earth mapping
Synthetic and special objects

S o f t w a r e
FisheyeWorker transforms many fisheye images in one go
imgAccessories, tool for image show, ...still experimental
FEPOLYN, console for calculating mapping functions
working magnifying glass, magnifying glass for pixel measurement and pixel color
Windows Calculator (doesn't work with Internet Explorer)

L e n s e s
walimex pro 8mm f/3.5 FISH-EYE CS
Canon EF8-15mm f/4 Fisheye USM
Entaniya Fisheye 200°/250° HAL

L i n k s
Fisheye lens - Wikipedia
Fisheye - Olypedia
Scheibel: Technical literature about photo and optics - PDF downloads, e.g. "All about fisheye lenses", "Fisheye lenses and related mapping techniques", "Fisheye lenses - distortion with system", "It need not always be round"
SIGMA us | SIGMA jp - here you can find fisheye lenses
Helmut Dersch: PANORAMA TOOLS |  2  3 - allround sights from fisheye photos and interactive panoramas
FEV - interactive FishEye-Viewer (free software) | installation, alternative download
Irfan View, one of the most popular viewers worldwide (free software for non-commercial use)
Amok Exif Sorter for renaming images (free software, donations are welcome)

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